Leisy Vidal

Project Brief


Drizly is the largest online marketplace for alcohol in North America. They partner with thousands of retailers in over 1,400 cities to sell a variety of alcohol (wine, beer, and spirits) and commit to delivering products to an online customer’s front door in under 60 minutes.

While working as the director of design at Branding Brand, I worked to create a project proposal for Drizly, which focused on improving the user experience of their native iOS app’s product detail view.


Drizly, an at-home alcohol delivery service


A new revamped iOS app product detail view


User Experience Research & Data, User Interface Design

Project Ownership

Branding Brand

A screenshot image of the currently existing product detail view of Drizly's iOS app.

Step 01

User Experience Data and Research

The purpose of this project is to uncover existing issues and roadblocks users may experience when viewing a product’s detail view from within Drizly’s iOS app. We performed an audit of the product detail view on all digital platforms (iOS app, mobile-friendly website, and desktop website) to test different use cases and potential experience issues. We also incorporated using data-backed design decisions from SEMRush keyword and trend reports, BevAlc industry reports, and social media audits of customer feedback related to the user experience on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Reviewing some Facebook user feedback in comments sections we found a repeating string of user pain points that we want to address, such as: being able to find nearby delivery locations and knowing if your area is serviced, being able to not only choose the nearest delivery location, but also a preferred location with more product variety, being able to add coupon codes to products, or see existing sales / promotions applicable to my product shopping experience, and making it easier find related products to meet minimum delivery amounts from the product page.

Pictured above: Drizly's SEMRush Audit data mining that helped us make design decisions based on user keyword search data and top-ranking product categories

Pictured above: screenshots of a social media audit across Drizly's platforms' pages displaying resulting recurring themes where users detailed similar user experience pain points.

Step 02

Competitor Analysis and UX Audit

In order to focus on the iOS app experience, the following competitors were chosen because they were the in the top three downloaded alcohol delivery apps on the iOS App Store. The first competitor was Saucey, an home delivery service available in most large cities. We then explored Minibar, a competing alcohol delivery service only available in a few states (NY, CA, etc). We also considered Total Wine, a Drizly retailer that now also delivers alcohol to customers’ door steps within 2 hours. We also did a full in-depth analysis of all of Drizly’s online product experiences (iOS, Android, mobile website, and desktop website) to compare features and solidify experiences from platform to platform.

A screenshot of three of Drizly's competitor's product single view, which was used to compare and contrast user experience features, and above-the-fold content prioritization.

Step 03

High-Fidelity User Interface Designs

After reviewing SEM Rush data, performing competitor analysis, and perfoming a detailed UX analysis of all product detail views (desktop website, mobile-friendly website, and iOS app experience, the following suggested changes / feature additions are proposed for Drizly’s in-app product detail view. First, we wanted to reorder page hierarchy for gifting options to be lower on the view that than important details like price/shipping or product description to include flavor profiles for first-time buyers. Next, we wanted to include product descriptions for flavor profiles higher up on the product view. From there we modify the cross-product promotion feature currently used as a ‘View all Products by Herradura’ link. We changed this feature to be a full related products section that users can use to buy similar products and fill their carts to meet minimum delivery purchase amounts. Then, we added a new social share feature to make it easier for purchasers in a group environment to share product details and prices with each other. Additionally, a new “Drink Recipes” section was added to show first-time buyers how to use the product with drink recipes that cross-promote other products in order to increase cross-spirit sales. And finally, we added verbiage for current sales and promotions relevant to the product close to product pricing.

Pictured above: the newly redesigned iOS app experience for Drizly's product detail view.

Step 04

Project Proposal

The full, in-depth 17-page project proposal created for Drizly by Branding Brand includes even more details for the UX review, competitor analysis, and data-driven redesign decisions made for this proposal. You can read the full proposal here.

View the UX Project Proposal