Leisy Vidal

A home page design for

Pinery Roasters

Pinery Roasters was a project designed to bring new customers and up-sell retained customers to their coffee shop. I designed a brand, coffee packaging and home page for them to help achieve this end-result.


Pinery Roasters


Website and Product Packaging


Branding, Product Design, User Interface Design

The Deliverables

Design Highlights

I designed the home page for Pinery Roasters to feature the best moments of coffee shops. With so many craft coffee shops competing for customers locally, the home page was designed to feature their unique aspects. I featured imagery of their unique interior design and cozy neighborhood ambiance, videos of their talented and friendly baristas, and showcased their custom coffee beans’ packaging to boost sales.

Pictured above: screenshots of various global layouts and home page regions designed for Pinery Roasters