Leisy Vidal

Developing A Home Page For

Piper Planes

Piper is the manufacturer of beautifully custom and luxury-grade business, personal and trainer class aircraft. While working at Designzillas, I was tasked with developing the new home page for Piper.com. This project has been an awesome multi-developer team effort that continues to grow in amazing features as of today. The rest of the site, including its amazing accessibility features, multi-location dealer map, and custom plane builder page was developed by the rest of the developers on Designzillas’ team under senior developer Marc Garcia’s leadership. You can view the live site at Piper.com.




New Home Page Development


Front-end Development

Project Ownership


Notable Outcomes

With the team’s hard work, all user conversions across the site were up +2,513.49% YoY, and entire fleets sold out.

A screenshot image of the home page designed by Designzillas' Jonathan Eicher that I developed while at Designzillas.

View the Live Site

Piper continues to thrive with continuous growth advertising and marketing campaigns, and with expansions in website features and user-friendly tools. You can view the live website at piper.com.