Leisy Vidal

What is this training tracker?

One of the role requirements of a design manager is to help develop a team. I have always taken skill training and career development seriously as a manager. I always want to support my team of designers in whatever new endeavor they want to pursue – whether that’s learning more about design systems, leveraging design workshops for the first time, tinkering with UX animation, or even bettering their UX writing – I’m here to help.

After managing designers, one thing you learn quickly – is that they also learn and adapt just as fast. In order to keep track of their progression, learning breakthroughs, and skill development, I created this skill training tracker.

Design department training tracker for design managers screenshot

How to Use the Tracker

I use this tracker to ensure I can recall what skills designers have developed, what requirements of their role they have fulfilled, and what internal training sessions they have completed. This is super helpful during onboarding to keep track of what a new designer has been introduced to, but also throughout the year as they get trained in new areas of their role.

I also use this tracker during mid-year and annual review periods as a way to find areas of improvement for my designers. Are there skillsets others have flourished in over the last year that they haven’t yet delved into?

Another great use case is to use this tracker as a cross-training log. Are there designers who have advanced really far into a skillset, and can be leveraged as a subject matter expert to teach others how to advance in the same areas?

I hope this tracker helps improve your career development documentation processes. Enjoy!